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Material Advantage Generic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Material Advantage.

1. Suppliers / Vendors

1.1. Comments against a supplier/vendor

I would like to record information about Suppliers and their contacts for anyone else who might need it.

Information about Suppliers can be added to the 'Supplier Comments' form obtained by clicking the [Comments] button on the Suppliers form.
Record information on the 'Supplier Contacts' form opened by clicking on the Row Indicator at the side of the name on the 'Contacts' tab.

1.2. Duplicate Suppliers

If you find that there is a supplier with two entries in the drop down list.

Use the Re-map function (located on the 'Re-map' tab of the 'Suppliers' form to merge the data into one.

1.3. Supplier/Vendor not available on Project

A Supplier is to be used on a particular project but not others. How can this be arranged?

The Supplier has to be setup as normal with a 'Potential' status. They are then added to the Project using the 'Project Supplier Override' process.

1.4. Supplier/Vendor Spend

Where can I find what we have spent with a Supplier over the last year?

With the 'Supplier' form open select the 'Order History' tab. If greater detail is required double click on the Row Indicator for the required year to open the 'Orders by Supplier' form.

1.5. Supplier/Vendor Products

I want to know which Suppliers supply certain products?

Use the 'Supplier by Commodities' report (if available)which list all Suppliers of a certain Product Category

1.6. Supplier/Vendor Addresses

The Supplier has notified me of a special address to use for Accounts which is different to the usual address, how can I record this second address?

Open the Suppliers form and double click in the Address panel. This will open a form to add addresses. Select "Accounts" from the 'Address Type' combo box.

1.7. Supplier/Vendor Appraisal/Prefomance

Need information to help select the best supplier when pricing, delivery etc. is the same?

Check the 'Suppliers' form for information, there are tabs for 'Supplier Appraisal', 'Supplier Performance', 'Order History', 'OS&D' etc.

1.8. Add Product Category to a Supplier/Vendor

The Vendor is not listed as supplying the Product Category I require, how do I add a Product Category to the vendor?

Open the 'Vendors' form, select the 'Product Category' tab. On the first empty row select the required option from the drop down list.

2. Material Control / MTO

2.1. Material Cost

I would like to know how much materials cost before ordering?

Select the 'Previous Costs' tab in the 'Material Codes' form.

2.2. Transfer Stock Between Projects

There is stock over-ordered on one project which could be useful on another project. How can I transfer it?

Use the 'Material Transfer' function – 'Background' – 'Material Codes' and 'Material Transfer' on the Main Menu.

2.3. Tracking Stock financial changes across projects

I have transferred some Materials from one project to another where can I see the financial aspect of the change?

{Double Click} on the row indicator for the related Budget Code to open the 'Budget Variations' form The details are listed on the 'Transferred In' and 'Transferred Out' tabs.

2.4. Reversing a Stock transfer between projects

I transferred some materials from one project to another in error. Can I undo the transaction?

The short answer is "No" there is no undo for that process. You will need to log onto the Project that received the materials and transfer them back

2.5. Automatic Material Code numbering

I want to create a standard numbering system for Materials.

The procedures under the 'Material Coder Setup' and 'Material Coder' provides a standardised Material Coding system.

2.6. Creating new material code using the Material Coder

I want to create a new Material Code using the 'Material Coder' but how do I open the form?

Select the [Add New Record] button on the toolbar, this opens the 'Search Material Codes' form. Select the [Material Coder] button to open the related form.

2.7. Entering multiple material codes

I have a number of Material Codes to be entered which vary only in the Size. Is there an easier way of entering multiple codes like this?

Create the first Material Code in the normal way and save it. Then select the [Add Similar] button. A form will appear with all details completed, change the size as required then Save. Repeat as necessary.

2.8. Material Codes do not appear on BOM form

In the 'BOM' form, the 'Material Codes' do not appear as expected when the MTO is selected from the 'Search MTO No' drop down list.


There could be three reasons which should be checked

1 The 'Item Status' is set to "Outstanding" but the materials are not outstanding. Try setting the status to "Any Status" to see if they list then.

2 The 'Working MTO' is set to a different MTO 'Type' than is shown on the MTO itself.

3 The Materials are listed on the MTO as "Consolidate".

3. Project / Planning

3.1. Transfer cost between budgets

The budget for a 'Budget Code' is too high I wish to transfer some of that to a different 'Budget Code'.

Create a 'Budget Variation' to take money (use a minus figure in the 'Amount' column) from the one with too much, then create a 'Budget Variation' to add that amount to the one needing extra.

3.2. Logo Missing on Reports

The Logo does not appear on the heading of my reports

The Logo needs setting up in the Project

3.3. Creating new reports

Can I create a new report myself?

Templates are required to create a report and they are not easy  to setup. A request should be submitted to a System Administrator giving details of the report required.

3.4. Can't find Import Specification to import some data

I want to Import some data but I cannot find an Import Specification for the data. Can I create a specification myself?

Import specifications must be created by a qualified person. Even System Administrator are unlikely to have the relevant knowledge required to carry out the process. A Developer should be contacted.

3.5. Red Items in Workstack

There is a Red highlight saying "1 Item in your Workstack" on the Main Menu. What does it mean?

It indicates that a 'Requisition' or 'Order' requires Approval.
Double click on the indicator to open the 'Authorisations' form. This lists the Approvals required. Double Click on an item to open it ready for approval.

4. Requisition

4.1. Automating the addition of SDRL / VDRL documents

Every time I add Materials to a Requisition I have to add certain standard SDRL's. It would be great if this could be automated.

In some versions there is a 'Specs & SDRL' tab on the 'Material Codes' form which is used to add standard SDRL's to a  Material Code which are then added to the requisition by a single click.

4.2. Requisition/ Order Number not appearing

The Requisition / Order number does not automatically appear.

The Auto-numbering needs setting up in the Project.

4.3. Material Code not available

The Material Code I require is not available in the drop down list

The Material Code needs to be created!  it is not in the system.

4.4. Missing Requisition Type

The 'Requisition Type' drop down does not include the option I require.

You do not have access to the Requisition Type or it does not exist.

An authorised person like the System Administrator can add the option you require.

4.5. Requisition ordered, but [View RFQ]/[View Enquiry] and [View Bidders] are not visible

The Requisition I am viewing shows that it has been ordered but the buttons for [View RFQ] and [View Bidders] are not available.

This means that the Order was created by the Waiver process and did not go through the full Enquiry/Bidding process.

4.6. [Select Bidders] visible, but won't work

The [Select Bidders]button on the Requisition is green but it will not work.

The 'Waiver' checkbox has been "ticked".

4.7. Change the product category for a Requisition

The Product Category on the Requisition is incorrect but I cannot edit the field. How can I change it?

The Requisition has been Issued. You need to revise the Requisition. Select the [Create Rev] button to create a copy of the Requisition which can be edited. It will need to be issued again.

4.8. Supplier not in list for waiver

Even though the supplier has an approved status and is approved for the material category for the Requisition they do not appear on the waiver list of suppliers for the Requisition?

Check that the supplier has an address and apply one if they do not.

4.9. [Create Revision] is not available on the Requisition

The [Create Rev]button on the Requisition is not available.

If the Requisition has not been Issued the [Create Rev] button will not be available

5. Enquiry / RFQ

5.1. Vendor/Supplier not visible in 'Select Potential Vendors'

The Vendor I wish to use is not showing in the 'Select Potential Vendors' form.

1 – The Vendor has not been created.

2 - The Vendor record is in place but does not contain an address

3 – The Vendor is not listed as supplying the Product Category shown in the Requisition.

4  – The Product Category shown on the Requisition is not correct. You may need to revise the requisition

5.2. Incorrect template for RFQ/Order

The Template for RFQ/Order is not correct.

The correct Template needs to be set up in the Project setup.

The template defined here for the project will then be used by the system automatically.

6. Bidding

6.1. Bids/Orders are showing totals in the wrong currency

The Bidding / Order forms are showing the Total Costs in GBP when I want this to be USD

The 'Project Currency' needs setting up correctly in the Project form.

6.2. Currency not available

The 'Bid Currency' drop down on the Bidders form does not list the required currency.

The relevant 'Project Exchange Rate' needs setting up in the 'Project' form. This should be done by a System Administrator.

7. Order

7.1. Requisition/Order Number not showing

The Requisition / Order number does not automatically appear.

The Auto-numbering needs setting up in the Project.

7.2. Error creating new commercial document on RFQ or Order

In the 'Commercial Documents' tab of the 'RFQ' or 'Order' form when I try and create a new document by selecting the [Show in Word] button it gives me an error message that it cannot find the Template.

You may need to contact your system administrator to setup the access to the Template

7.3. Create a new Order Header dcoument

I want to create a new document to become the "Order Header" in the 'Commercial Documents' tab.

Click on the [Show in Word] button, a message will appear advising that this will create a new document. Accept this and Word will open. Create the new document and save it then close Word. The document will now be available to Preview.

7.4. Empty Inspection tab

On the Order/Expediting form the 'Inspection' tab is empty.

If Inspections are missing it usually means they were overlooked at the RFQ stage or the Order was created by the Waiver process.

7.5. Add/Remove items on a committed order

Some items need adding to/ removing from the Order but now it has been committed what can I do?

Use the 'Create Amendment' process. This will create a new order which can add items to the existing order.

7.6. Reducing the Quantity of an item on an order

The Items on the Order have the wrong quantity. The quantity needs to be reduced. I know how to add but how can I reduce the number?

If a Quantity requires amending the  material is entered as a new item but with a negative quantity so that the cumulative amount after the transaction is the correct quantity required

7.7. Adjust Item Price on a committed order

The pricing is wrong on some items on the order but it has been committed what can I do?

There is no provision to edit the pricing of an existing item on the order. If such editing is required the process is to enter a negative quantity of the Material which nullifies that material on the original order. The new material can be added with the amended price.

8. Expediting

8.1. Order not visible in Expediting

The Order is not visible in the 'Expediting' form

Check that the Order has been committed.  Only committed orders can be expedited.

8.2. Contact and/or Contact Email address not visible on Expediting screen

On the 'Expediting Header' tab 'Expediting' form, the 'Contact' and 'Contact EMail' fields are not populated so I cannot use the [Send Mail} function.


The details of the 'Supplier's Contact' and 'Contact Email' have not been completed on the 'Supplier Details' tab of the 'Order' form.

You must edit the Suppplier Details in the Order screen.

9. Material Movement

9.1. No Materials when the [Autofill Items] button is pressed

I tried to create a Material Movement Ticket but no materials are shown when I press the [Autofill Items].

If the IRN fields are not completed in the Expediting form the data may not be downloaded. You will need to return to the Expediting form and complete the IRN fields

10. Goods Received

10.1. Enter Trace Numbers

The 'Trace Number' field is empty  how do I complete this?

Completion of the 'Trace Number' field must comply to the local rules and a Matrix is setup. Usually this will require 2 letters and either 3 or 4 numbers depending on the local rules. If the data is entered incorrectly a message will be displayed.

10.2. Missing 'Warehouse' or 'Location'

The required 'Warehouse' or 'Location' is not showing in the drop down list.

The system has not been setup with these warehouses/locations.

The system Administrator can set this up for you.

10.3. Can't update stock

MA will not allow me to 'Update to Stock'

A message should be displayed informing you of the reason. This is usually that the 'Status' field is showing "QQ". This requires changing (if applicable) to either "A1" or "UC".

10.4. What does "You can fulfil an outstanding issue with this one" mean?

A message has appeared when I was using the GRN form "You can fulfil an outstanding issue with this one", what does it mean?

It means that there is a material waiting for issue, the material received will allow this issue to be completed.

10.5. How to record multiple deliveries of an order

The supplier cannot deliver all the materials we require in one load. Is it possible to / how can we record the deliveries?

There is provision in the 'Expediting' form or in the 'Goods Received' (GRN) form to record "Split Delivery".

10.6. Recording when the goods that are delivered are damaged

The Supplier has delivered some of the Materials which are damaged. How can this be recorded in MA?

THE 'OS&D' (Over Short and Damaged) process covers all the possible options. Use the 'Split Delivery' process to separate the materials into "A1" and "QQ" status then use the OS&D process to record the problems.

10.7. Recording when damaged goods are replaced

Materials that were damaged have been replaced, how can this be recorded in MA?

Open the OS&D report and record the details of 'Resolve OS&D'. Then change the 'Status' of the materials to "A1". The materials can then be updated to stock in the normal way.

10.8. Finding information on trace numbers and where they are used

The company use Trace Numbers, how can I see what Trace Number have been issued, to what Materials, and their Location?

The 'Trace Number Register' records all the information related to Trace Numbers.

10.9. Print GRN function doesn't display materials

The Print GRN function does not display any list of materials.

If the 'Location' field is not populated on the Goods Received form no materials will be shown.

11. Issue

11.1. What to do when there is not enough stock to issue?

When I want to Issue an Item of Material, I can see that there is not enough to satisfy the requirement what do I do?

The User should allow MA to process the deficiency and record the shortfall then when new stock arrives he will be notified by MA that the shortfall can be cleared.

11.2. Returning Issued items

Materials which have been issued are to be returned in good order. How is this dealt with in MA?

If the whole of the items issued are to be returned it is possible to 'Un-Issue' and 'Un-Pick' the items in the 'Issue' forms. If only part of the Issue is to be returned then the 'Returns' process is better.

12. General

12.1. Change all e-mail addresses to single recipient (for testing)


The e-mail addresses in the test system point to "live" e-mail addresses, which is unacceptable for testing.



When testing a new feature, patch or hot-fix, it is likely that any e-mail functionality would need to be restricted so as to *not* e-mail the assigned personnel with test approvals, work stack entries, etc...



The resolution is to simply set *all* e-mail addresses in the system to an address accessible only to the tester.

To do this, the following SQL Cursor should be run against the *TEST* database:

The SQL file has been attached for expedience.

NOTE: Change the e-mail address Trevor.Best@korecentric.com to the desired recipient address

print 'email addresses'


declare @email varchar(50)

declare @table_name sysname

declare @column_name sysname

declare @sql nvarchar(max)


set @email = 'trevor.best@korecentric.com'

set nocount on

set ansi_warnings off


declare csr cursor local for select table_name, column_name from information_schema.columns

where column_name like '%mail%' and data_type in ('varchar','nvarchar')

and (table_name like 'tbl%' or table_name like 'zstbl%')


open csr

fetch next from csr into @table_name, @column_name

while @@fetch_status = 0 begin

set @sql = 'update ' + @table_name + ' set ' + @column_name + ' = ''' + @email + ''' where ' + @column_name + ' is not null'

print @sql

exec sp_executesql @sql

fetch next from csr into @table_name, @column_name


close csr

deallocate csr