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Knowledge Books for go-inspect

1. FAQ

1.1. I tap on an inspection and nothing happens (iOS) or I get a blank inspection (Android)

If this happens, there is a workaround. Go to the Portal (http://app.go-inspect.com) then go to the Inspections page.

Select the Inspection in question, click on the Edit icon, click Save.

In the app, tap the Sync button.

1.2. I upgraded from version 1 and have connection problems

You may need to reset the local database.

Firstly, fully exit the app (rather than backgrounding it).

In iOS: Double-tap the home key and swipe up, in Android/Windows press the back button until it confirms to Exit and press OK.

Start the app, before logging in bring up the slider menu (top left) and select "Settings", tap "Clear Local Storage", press OK to confirm.

App will then go back to the login screen, log-in as normal, the app should automatically sync.

1.3. What does the "Test" button do?

There is a button labelled "Test" in the image annotation screen. This is actually incorrectly labelled, it should read "Clear annotation" as it's purpose is to clear annotations since last save. The label will be fixed in the next release.

1.4. How can I delete an inspection that has been completed

At present, you can only delete an inspection from the portal before it has been completed. To delete an inspection after completion, you can perform the following steps:

1. On the phone/tablet, select the inspection from the "Inspections Completed" list.

2. Tap the "Recall Inspection" button.

3. The inspection will now appear in the portal under the inspections tab.

4. You can delete the inspection from the inspections tab.

Note: The phone/tablet must be online to do this, if it is offline then the portal will not be notified of the recall until the phone/tablet is synchronised again.

2. Known Bugs and workarounds

2.1. Duplicate Inspection

Version 2.0.1


When you duplicate an inspection from the mobile device, it disappears from your device upon the next sync.

Confirmed Bug.


Use the portal to duplicate the inspection.

Select Reports, click on the view button of the inspection report. Click on [Create new inspection from this one], click on [Duplicate this Inspection]

Fix Version

This is addressed in version 2.1.0