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12.1. Change all e-mail addresses to single recipient (for testing)


The e-mail addresses in the test system point to "live" e-mail addresses, which is unacceptable for testing.



When testing a new feature, patch or hot-fix, it is likely that any e-mail functionality would need to be restricted so as to *not* e-mail the assigned personnel with test approvals, work stack entries, etc...



The resolution is to simply set *all* e-mail addresses in the system to an address accessible only to the tester.

To do this, the following SQL Cursor should be run against the *TEST* database:

The SQL file has been attached for expedience.

NOTE: Change the e-mail address Trevor.Best@korecentric.com to the desired recipient address

print 'email addresses'


declare @email varchar(50)

declare @table_name sysname

declare @column_name sysname

declare @sql nvarchar(max)


set @email = 'trevor.best@korecentric.com'

set nocount on

set ansi_warnings off


declare csr cursor local for select table_name, column_name from information_schema.columns

where column_name like '%mail%' and data_type in ('varchar','nvarchar')

and (table_name like 'tbl%' or table_name like 'zstbl%')


open csr

fetch next from csr into @table_name, @column_name

while @@fetch_status = 0 begin

set @sql = 'update ' + @table_name + ' set ' + @column_name + ' = ''' + @email + ''' where ' + @column_name + ' is not null'

print @sql

exec sp_executesql @sql

fetch next from csr into @table_name, @column_name


close csr

deallocate csr


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